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Ted R. Walke

Email: twalke5081@gmail.com

Phone: (717) 557-3497


ID= InDesign/AI= Adobe Illustrator/PS= Photoshop


Publication samples (pdf):

Art Association Gallery Walk ad (AI-ID-PS)

Art Association Gallery Walk brochure (AI-ID-PS)

National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) Annual Report (AI-ID-PS)

NSBC Go Boating! activity book (AI-ID-PS)

NSBC Go Boating! bilingual activity book (AI-ID-PS)

NSBC Wear It! campaign mailer (AI-ID-PS)

NSBC History of Boating book (AI-ID-PS)

NSBC Navigation Rules book (AI-ID-PS)

NSBC Sidekicks bilingual coloring book (AI-ID-PS)

NSBC Wear It! ad (AI-ID-PS)

National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Animal Tracks brochure (AI-ID-PS)

NWF Backyard Wildlife Habitat brochure (AI-ID-PS)

NWF Endangered Species publication cover (AI)

NWF Forest publication cover (AI)

NWF Habitat newsletter #1 (AI-ID-PS)

NWF Habitat newsletter #2 (AI-ID-PS)

Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) PA Angler & Boater magazine (1983 to 2018) (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC Annual Report (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC Boating Handbook (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC Fish Identification brochure (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC Fishing Summary (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC History Book (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC Lake Erie brochure (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC PLAY newsletter #1 (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC PLAY newsletter #2 (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC PLAY newsletter #3 (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC PLAY newsletter #4 (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC PLAY newsletter #5 (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC PLAY newsletter #6 (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC PLAY newsletter #7 (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC SmartStart Paddling brochure (AI)

Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC) Annual Report (AI-ID-PS)

PHMC Martino Family artist book (AI-ID-PS)


Logo samples (pdf):

NSBC anniversary logo (AI)

NSBC card logo (AI)

NSBC Wear It California! logo (AI)

PFBC Keystone Coldwater Conference logo (AI)

PFBC Water Trail logo (AI)

PHMC Energy logo (AI)

PHMC agency logo (AI)

PHMC bookstore logo #1 (AI)

PHMC bookstore logo #2 (AI)


Banner-poster samples (pdf):

NSBC display banner (AI-PS)

NSBC Sidekicks banner (AI)

NSBC Wear It! banner (AI-ID-PS)

NWF Schoolgrounds poster (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC Pennsylvania Fishes poster (AI-ID-PS)

PFBC Wear It! van graphics (AI-ID-PS)

PHMC Archaelogy poster (AI-ID-PS)

PHMC Rock poster (AI-ID-PS)






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